Veritian's platform is designed to allow strategy development be part of back testing. Leverage the same work for design, analysis, back-testing and strategy development in one place. Additionaly the platform contains cutting edge mathmatic, economic and financial libraries to allow for fast strategy research and development minimizing the work needed to build a strategy. Write or integrate previous work, by using Veritian's integrated enviornment that works with many common high-level programming languages. Veritian's knows working with financial markets is data driven. Knowing this, the Veritian Platform is designed to quickly and easily deliver the most important economic and financial data sets across the platform, and to external systems.


Veritian's ANALYZEr, an advanced analytical environment based off R, allows any user to quickly build, analyze and test advanced statistical models and trading strategies in one integrated environment. Veritian has developed additional mathematical, financial, economic and data packages to connect and use ANALYZEr across the platform.

  • Advanced Analytical Packages
  • Back-Testing Solutions
  • System Documentation and Tutorials
  • Multivariable Optimization Technologies
  • Calculation and Data Clustering
  • GPU Calculation Optimizations
  • Enterprise-Ready