Veritian, created by experts in both finance and technology industries, uses the best technology and expertise to deliver analytical, trading and data solutions. Intertwining experience from major banks and brands, Veritian systems and services are designed to be fast, stable, easy to learn and have great support and services. Veritian is a company founded on strong ethical and moral principles. The first principal is Verity, for truth and honesty. Previous experiences, and using them, provides a historical trading reference of the Venetians, as merchants and traders. Veritian strives to consistently deliver the best analytical and trading experience.

Core Principals
  • Service to clients is core. The client's best interest comes first, with their success being Veritian's success.
  • Provide stable, fast and consistent products and services.
  • Consistently have high quality, creative and innovative work.
  • Be able to quickly adapt to the fast changing environment of the finance industry.
  • People, reputation, loyalty and service is central to a well run organization.
  • Find, mentor, contribute and retain great talent; A major differentiator between companies is their internal talent. Nurture talent to achieve results.
  • Many ideas and perspectives harness a group's collective intellectual power and experiences; thus allowing all ranks and levels to contribute.
  • Better decisions equal more and better success.
  • Teamwork. Shared or isolated work has little or no value and can easily be lost or forgotten.
  • Let ideas grow and bring them to light to be fruitful.
  • Innovation is one of the many ways to grow and build Veritian; failure to innovate will cause stagnation and failure.
  • Support, creditability and trust is critical when dealing with a client. Trading secrets, remain secrets.
  • Be discrete and confidential with all client information.
  • Have integrity, honesty and maintain high ethical standards.