Veritian's strategy development environment is built to quickly create and test any trading idea. Strategies are able to leverage the power of data, computation and the environment to build and refine a model and algorithm. Veritian is able to achieve a fast time to market for a trading idea by reducing the complexity of analyizing and writing a strategy. Then take your model and trade directly from the model in a high speed trading enviornment. Construct and trade your strategy and algorithm today.

How it works:
1. Development

Develop your model and strategy in ANALYZEr in a number of languages:

  • R
  • Java
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • C/C++
  • Additional Languages & Environments Coming Soon...
2. Back Testing

Take your model and back test directly and easily with the platform using historical data and messages with REPLAYer. Find the ideal return and signals required for trading.

3. Deployment

Strategy scripts used for back-testing are ready to be deployed either locally or in a remote execution environment for live trading.

4. Execution

Strategies are executed and monitored directly in TRADEr. Run any strategy locally, co-located or even in a cloud or cluster depending on the computation and speed required.