Veritian's development tools are built to easily and efficiently create financial and trading strategies. The development tools are built into the platform for rapid development, implementation and maintenance of financial and trading strategies.


FIXer can quickly debug algorithms and platform issues with Veritian's Trading applications. FIXer, is integrated into the platform, and is easy to pull up, quickly run and test algorithms and functionality based on messages and scenarios. FIXer includes controls to automatically execute batches of messages or even single orders for simulated market conditions.


REPLAYer has the power to replay captured or generated market data in a way that allows your algorithm to run, test and be replayed. REPLAYer is not only limited to market data, most data streams such as FIX streams, user input, and even integrated "check points" are available in Veritian's platform are REPLAY ready. Integration of the custom REPLAY, Timing and Check Point framework allows applications to easily be replayed with real-time data, timers and triggers. Testing complex and timed algorithms just got a whole lot simpler and easier.